DCX Growth Accelerator

And what is a growth accelerator?

DCX is a growth accelerator – a scrappy, flexible, highly-talented, 10 person entity focused on growing our clients’ businesses by any means possible, whether through brand consulting, advertising, PR, innovations, influencer marketing, experiential activations, or cultural performance marketing.  People who work here will learn, practice, and excel at a wide range of craft skills.  We recently built our own world class production capability, DCX Cultural Production Studios, through which produced our Palessi campaign Payless.  Our goal is to achieve more marketing success stories per employee than any agency or management consultancy in the business.

Our approach is based in Cultural Strategy, the discipline of building iconic brands.

We have a unique mission of putting 20% of our profits toward ‘cultural activism,’ campaigns to earn millions of free media impressions on behalf of social causes.  These efforts have included our Presidential Creamery ice cream truck, which aimed to draw attention to President Trump’s loosening of organic regulations; our Bulletproof Students campaign on behalf of gun control; our Artisanal Price Hike Sale and AirBnBodega campaigns on behalf of our local deli, Jesse’s.